Can you choose your electricity provider in austin texas?

Electricity in Austin has been deregulated. As an energy customer, you have the option of choosing a retail electricity provider (your electricity provider), giving you flexibility and power to pay your energy bills. There are several transmission and distribution services for the 77001, please choose one. Welcome to Power to Choose, the official and unbiased electricity choice website of the Texas Public Utilities Commission.

This website is available for all electricity providers to post their offers free of charge. Compare the offers and choose the electricity plan that works best for you. Customers outside the service territory of Austin Energy and other municipal and cooperative providers in the area, that is, in the unregulated Texas market, have the option of choosing their retail electricity provider. With a more competitive energy market, Austin's electricity providers must be more efficient, lower costs and provide better customer service to capture and retain customers.

In 2002, Texas deregulated the state's electricity market, causing retail energy companies to compete for residential and commercial customers in Texas. Competition between energy providers can lower rates, spur the creation of new electricity plans and improve customer service. Deregulation also allowed residential and commercial electricity customers to choose their electricity plan from the long list of retail energy providers serving the city of Austin, Texas. The utility company is still responsible for supplying energy to your home, monitoring energy consumption and maintaining electrical cables.

Austin is known for many things: it's the capital of the state of Texas, a new technology hub in the making outside of Silicon Valley, home to the SXSW festival and UT, The University of Texas Longhorns.

Enter your zip code at the top of this page and you can quickly see the plans of the main electric companies in Austin.

Austin Energy, which serves an area of 421 square miles, has achieved outage duration and frequency rates that are among the best in the country. Billing problems, deposits and lack of customer service are often the biggest problems for providers with the highest prices bass. Austin has its own utility company, Austin Energy, which provides energy services to the city of Austin and its surrounding areas.

For more than 15 years, Texans have had the option of choosing electricity since 1999, and Texas now stands as the most successful deregulated state, where more than 90% of eligible customers have chosen an electricity provider. Read your supplier's EFL (electricity information label) for detailed information on your rates per kWh. Your monthly electricity bill reflects the amount of kilowatt-hours consumed multiplied by the rate per kilowatt-hour.

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