Is austin energy the only electric company in austin?

Austin decided to maintain regulation with a public provider, Austin Energy. According to Texas Electric Cooperatives, there are 76 electric cooperatives with more than 3 million members across the state. Customers outside the service territory of Austin Energy and other municipal and cooperative providers in the area, that is, in the unregulated Texas market, have the option of choosing their retail electricity provider. Sixth-grade students can participate in the Austin Energy All-Stars educational program to explore ways to bring energy efficiency to their homes.

Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) was the first program of its kind in the United States and prompted the creation of the U. In fact, Austin Energy helped create the wind energy industry in Texas and is leading the development of the solar industry, with the goal of making all generation resources carbon-free by 2035. We have also installed more than 100 solar panels in schools and municipal buildings in the Austin Energy service territory. Austin Energy also participates in back-to-school events to help students prepare for a successful school year. These local investments help fuel economic growth and contribute to the attractive and vibrant quality of life in the Austin area.

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