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NRG Energy, a competitor of Austin Energy, is a company dedicated to the production and sale of energy and related products and services. As a department of the city of Austin, Austin Energy uses a separate online tool to provide automatic (automatic) translations on our websites. As with any machine translation, context and accuracy cannot be guaranteed. If you have difficulties with our translated text or need help, call 512-494-9400 or 3-1-1 to speak with a representative.

Each of these labels describes Austin Energy's commitment to environmental excellence. Austin Energy is a customer-oriented, community-focused utility with a prospective plan to reduce our carbon footprint. Austin Energy also partners with the community to help individual customers reduce their carbon impact and electricity bills through energy efficiency, demand response, energy storage, green energy options and clean transportation. By collaborating with customers, Austin Energy increases grid reliability and maximizes affordability.

The City of Austin is working to achieve a community goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, as outlined in the Austin Community Climate Plan. Meeting these carbon reduction goals has a positive effect on the climate and the community. The benefits of achieving a net zero level include reduced air pollution and improved air quality, a thriving local economy, reduced traffic congestion, greater affordability, and better preparedness for disasters. Everything is bigger in Texas, including innovations in utilities-scale wind and solar parks. Austin Energy purchased power from the first commercial wind power plant in Texas in 1995, helping to create the state's wind energy industry.

The utility company hasn't stopped there, but has also led the development of the solar industry in Texas. Austin Energy is providing more green energy than ever and is creating clean energy jobs to support the economy. Austin Energy uses power purchase agreements to purchase wind and solar energy produced in large-scale renewable energy parks across Texas, from West Texas to the Gulf Coast. Renewable energy generation costs have fallen significantly over the past 20 years, but production is still dependent on weather conditions, requiring sunny and windy days. This can make generating renewable energy more difficult and expensive.

With this in mind, Austin Energy has proactively and strategically created a renewable energy portfolio over time to reduce the impact of costs on customers, keeping our rates affordable and, at the same time, our energy is greener. Austin Energy is also at the forefront of incorporating emerging technologies and energy storage to increase the reliability and sustainability of renewable energy. Discover how renewable energy makes us more sustainable and profitable Every city owned building in the city of Austin is powered by GreenChoice. The city of Austin was the first major municipal government in the United States.

Department of State in supplying all city-owned facilities with 100% renewable energy. In addition, GreenChoice wind power supplies all electric vehicle charging stations in the Austin Energy public charging network. Subscribe to 100% Texas wind power with GreenChoice Austin Energy helps customers reap the benefits of the bright Texas sun. Rebates and incentives help customers reduce the cost of installing solar energy systems in their businesses and homes.

Austin Energy's rebates and incentive programs have helped grow the local solar industry. As the share of residential and commercial solar energy increases every year, homeowners, multifamily properties, nonprofit organizations, and schools have a cost-effective way to install more solar energy. Explore our solar solutions for home and business Perhaps the cleanest and least expensive energy is the one that isn't used. Energy efficiency saves customers money, promotes the economy and improves quality of life while helping the environment.

According to the Department of Energy, the average residential bill for Austin Energy customers is one of the lowest in the state. This is due to our commitment to ensuring affordable rates and our decades-long focus on energy efficiency. Reduce energy consumption and save money with our rebates, incentives and more. The development and maintenance of our own Austin-specific classification systems helps Austin Energy meet the city of Austin's ambitious climate protection goals.

Austin Energy Green Building uses these classifications to pave the way for changes in building and energy codes to reduce energy use in buildings. Consider Austin Energy Green Building for your home or business construction project. Because motor vehicle emissions are one of the main sources of air pollutants*, Austin Energy makes it easier for customers to say goodbye to gasoline and drive zero-emission electric vehicles. Electric vehicles, easy to use, maintain and charge, are fun to drive and allow customers to save money while helping the environment.

Austin Energy offers discounts and charging infrastructure services to improve the comfort of drivers, companies and developers interested in including electric vehicles in their properties. Austin Energy also offers discounts for bicycles, scooters, mopeds and electric motorcycles to make electric transportation more affordable for anyone on the road. In addition, because public charging stations on the Austin Energy grid are used with 100% renewable wind energy from GreenChoice, electric vehicle drivers can help the environment in many ways. Drive electric vehicles and save on charging and more.

Some Austin electric companies are exclusively green, as all plans are 100% green and the prices and rates support 100% green and renewable energy generation. GreenChoice commercial and residential subscribers add clean energy to the Austin grid every day by choosing to meet their electricity needs with 100% renewable Texas wind energy. Austin Energy Green Building is now one of the most successful sustainable construction programs in the country, encouraging Central Texans to design and build more sustainable homes and buildings. Austin Energy is proud to receive multi-million dollar federal and state grants to help fund the design, implementation and demonstration of solar and energy storage systems at residential, commercial and utility scales.

Because motor vehicle emissions are one of the main sources of air pollutants*, Austin Energy makes it easier for customers to say goodbye to gasoline and drive zero-emission electric vehicles.

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