Does austin energy cover water?

Your bill includes charges for all utilities in the city of Austin. It may include charges for drainage, electricity, solid waste, utility, wastewater and water. Customer service representatives are available to assist you at our walk-in service centers and by phone. Our service area covers approximately 437 square miles.

Most of those square miles (approximately 42) belong to Travis County and the remaining square miles belong to Williamson County. Approximately half of our service area (227 square miles) is within the city limits of Austin. AUSTIN, Texas - For the first time in five years, Austin Water is raising rates. Austin Energy also has a couple of rate increases that will take effect in November. According to Austin Energy, the regulatory charge covers the cost of transferring energy from one part of the grid to another.

Like much of the country, said Austin Water spokesman Erik Luna, the utility has been affected by rising utility costs. Energy rates in Austin have increased as residents have had to use more energy to cool their homes during the current heat wave. Austin Energy spokesman Matt Mitchell said the additional money will help pay for community benefit programs, such as customer assistance and energy efficiency programs. Fees have also increased for Austin resource recovery services, including recycling, compost and garbage collection, as well as bulk and weed collection.

Austin Energy says that excessive tree vegetation did not cause a third of the city to run out of power during the February ice storm. As a publicly owned electric company, Austin Energy wants to help you save money and energy, especially during the hottest months of the year. By conserving water thanks to savings, tips and tools from Austin Water, you can save on your water bills and help save water for future generations. The Customer Assistance Program offers discounts to Austin Energy and Austin Water customers who qualify due to their financial situation or medical problems.

However, the increases come on the heels of rising inflation in most products, including food and gasoline, and as the cost of living for Austin residents rises. Scammers target Austin Energy and Austin Water customers and threaten to disconnect their utilities, unless payment is made immediately using an untraceable method. Austin Energy and Austin Water offer tools and tips to help you control your electricity consumption and water.

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