Does austin utilities cover water?

Your bill includes charges for all utilities in the city of Austin. It may include charges for drainage, electricity, solid waste, utility, wastewater and water. Customer service representatives are available to assist you at our walk-in service centers and by phone. Your bill includes the City of Austin's utility charges.

Depending on where you live, it may include charges for drainage, electricity, solid waste, utility, wastewater, and water. For more than 100 years, Austin Water has been providing water and wastewater services to the Austin community. The utility has three water treatment plants and two wastewater treatment plants that serve more than 1 million people in more than 548 square miles of the Austin metropolitan area. If you receive other utilities from the City of Austin, your bill may include charges for water, wastewater, solid waste, recycling and public service.

If you receive electric service from Austin Energy, your bill will include tiered charges for your electricity use. If an exception is allowed, the determination of the land status is requested through the City of Austin and, once issued, that date is used as the determining date for the applicable rate list. Impact rates help Austin Water keep water and wastewater service rates lower for taxpayers, by allowing growth to pay off on its own. Austin Water is recognized as an industry leader for innovation in providing safe, reliable, high-quality, sustainable and affordable services.

Austin Water's annual consumer confidence reports describe the overall quality of water, from raw collection and storage to purity treated at the tap. Austin Water provides drinking water of the highest quality, with exceptional value and reliability. The City of Austin's current water and wastewater impact rates per service unit are presented in the tables below. The Texas Local Government Code (TLGC), Chapter 212, Municipal Subdivision and Real Estate Development Regulations, prohibits the connection of public utilities to any parcel of land that is not legally sown or exempt from the planting requirements of municipality.

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